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”“Did you ever do it with a girl?”That was easy, I wasn’t even shy when I answered yes. “Who? And before you say, I answered a three part q...estion, now you have to.”“Angel. She and me did it sometimes before she moved away.”“I remember her, she was pretty. Second part, how many times?”“I don’t know, I didn’t’ count but it was maybe twenty or more times. We did it for two months when we could get alone.” “Part three, is she the only one?”“Yeah, I can’t seem to get Margie hot enough yet.” . .. soon ... NOW!”I give her 2 powerful shots of cum and several smaller ones.Her body shifts around and she is again next to me.It is so dark I cannot see her, just can feel her.A kiss on my cheek, another on my nose. She lays her head on my chest.“Morning Drew.” What an angelic voice.“Thank you for last night. I am a messed up person and I needed someone to share my inner secrets with. I guess you have earned my trust back. BUT! And I mean BUT! If you ever tell anyone about me, that crop will. Perfect. I reach forward and take hold of your hair as I pull my dick out of your cunt until only the head remains inside of you. I pull you to me by your hair as I thrust back into you with everything I have. Our bodies collide ferociously with passion and need. Again, and again, and again. I am so close to losing to it. Almost time. I force my way inside of you once more. This time, however, I hold myself there. I release my grip on your hair and reach around you for your breast. My free hand. Jeremy had said that Lori had the k**s this week and the he just needed to get away for a while. So instead of cleaning out the hall closet Kristen began making up the guest room for their friend. She went down the list: clean sheets-check, vacuumed-check, clean towels in the closet-check, beer in the fridge and coffee in the cabinet-check.Just after six Brandon arrived home from work and he and Kristen began preparing dinner together. Kristen, having very little desire to or experience with.

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