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Sari heard a voice she had already come to know and fear. Enough, there is no time for this. It would seem you already have a fan. Nariah here practic...lly begged me to be the one to wake and prepare you. Their Mistress then turned on Nariah I brought you here to do a job, now do it! With that she move to a corner and seemed to be paying very little attention to the girls. Nariah came forward and knelt before Sari who was now sitting on the edge of the bed. She slid her hands up either side of. As the evening wore on it became obvious that the boys had already startedtheir holiday and the alcohol was consumed at an ever increasing pace, prettysoon all of us were close to being smashed and the conversation inevitablyturned to sex. Dave, Paul and Don were all in their thirties and marriedbut Shaun was an eighteen year old apprentice and very single. According toAndy, Shaun was yet to break his duck and the lads hoped to see to that inPortugal. Soon the guys were all discussing their. I appreciate what you have done."He said, "It's nothing, Chad. Your young lady is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and deserves only nice things. She had nothing to do with her mother's problems." Again, I thank you, Sir."He gave my shoulder a pat. I was immediately buttonholed by someone else and slowly made my way back to Britt with water for both of us.By eight, people had left and it was the four of us and Mitch. We sat down for supper with Mitch seated between Mom and Britt. He. I tugged on the straps but Master John had placed the cuffs in just the right position on the cross that I was stretched tightly and could not move even an inch. I looked at myself again in the mirrow and it was like I was looking at someone else. That couldn’t be me. He I was with my legs spread wide. John could touch me anywhere at anytime and I couldn’t do anything to stop him. Master John began rubbing his hands up and down my belly, coming closer to my breasts with each pass. .

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