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." he said, with a smile on his face"you see... these arnt any new special rules for you, all the girls in my house obey them, and you are a girl so y...u too have to obey them.., your here for 2 weeks .. so no girls over for me.. it will be me and you and our lovely fuck time.. 24x7" Woah, these actually sound fun, i'm game.. and this wil be out secret, about us and the guys i've fucked.. ;) Deal?" Deal.., now lets get to your room, hand me all your clothes and btw, thats my room, we'll share it. When he felt it he retracted a little bit, let’s go on now I whispered to him and he let me do. I licked his balls, went down to his crack, mmm nice rosebutt I saw, waiting to be rimmed. I rimmed him slowly, wow he moaned hard yes yes yes he said, sure he never had it. I rimmed him for a while then came to lay down next to him, you loved it I felt, mmmm he replied. Now it is your turn to do it to me and I turned over with my legs spread and my ass towards him. He licked my balls and butt. I was not to be allowed any reprise however. Instead Arthur came round, sat me up properly and kneeled on the floor infront of me between my opened thighs, stroking and teasing my breasts and nipples in every way possible with his fingers and mouth. Watching him do this was so erotic I couldn’t help but put my hands down to my cunt and start touching myself there, despite only having come a minute previously, the waves of pleasure spread through me once more and I plunged my fingers in and. There’s no consensus to deny immortals the ability to play whore. But we see no way to make it work.“There are two problems; if there were solutions to these problems, the creators would consider a whore class for immortals. Our Whores combine emotional openness with sexual availability in a way that is probably damaging to humans. The NPCs have some advantages in facing that stress. And frankly, some of them don’t make it.”“What do you mean don’t make it?” Ariel asked.“Give up. Not a lot of.

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