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In the meantime, you and Stan could show her the ropes. Of course, you’d have to open up your books if you and she get far enough down the road.”�...�You’re saying that you know how to set this whole thing up?” Mille asked.“I do,” Cal assured her. “I would be representing Roxie. You would need your own lawyer on your side and an accountant, too.”Cal stayed silent as Millie thought for a few seconds.“Let me run this by Stan. I’ll need to wait until he’s in the right frame of mind. So, tell Roxie not. This continued on for about another 10 minutes and I was surprised he hadn't cum yet. I was beginning to think I was losing my touch. I decided to up the ante. I opened my mouth and let my tongue glide over the tip. This caused him to look down at me in approval. I swirled the head with my tongue a couple more times and then engulfed it. I continued to strike his shaft while I sucked the head. His moans were becoming louder, but still no cum. I couldn't believe he was still able to hold back.I. We just looked at each other, arms spontaneously extended then we hugged and started kissing. His kisses were so warm, soft and gentle, yet eager too with tongue darting into my mouth. I could tell he really wanted me because his hands started to wander down to fondle my butt and he made a point of touching my ample breasts too. It didn’t take us long before we were both kissing and caressing each other all over, and feeling very hot for each other. My pent up emotion aroused by then. I could. The pain is coming from a condition called pudendal nerve entrapment. Describe the pain for me. Do you have it when you sit for a while or is it worse toward the end of the day?”“Yes to both of those.”“Ok, and the quality of the pain: is it a burning, a numbness, a stabbing pain, knife-like or aching pain, a hot poker sensation, or painful erections or pain on moving your penis?“Yes to many of those, especially burning, hot poker, stabbing sometimes, mainly around the base of my penis.”“Is that.

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