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Mia approached and Liana took the brush, placing it beside her on the satin sheets. She beckoned once more, and as Mia stepped forward she reached out... placed her warm hands on the girl’s waist and gently positioned her before her. Close, almost between her legs.Mia looked down at her mistress, feeling the warmth of Liana’s hands against her skin, the warmth in her red cheeks and the steadily growing warmth between her legs. Very slowly, Liana’s hands slid down onto her thighs, slender fingers. It was slightly red and still looked as tight as a virgin, though it was wet looking from the Vaseline. I grabbed up the dildo and quickly shoved it back in, slightly too quickly perhaps as it hurt this time, no doubt because of the angle change. This didn't stop me though. My dick jumped as I shoved it in and I grabbed it with my free hand and gave it several very quick strokes as I pushed the dildo in as far as I could. I slowed my stroking and quickly swapped hands, the dildo slipping almost. My old fancy dress was too old for Abby's debutante ball and quite too small. At eighteen, I had grown quite a bit. I was over six feet and well-built. And, my equipment was even bigger. If I had started earlier trying to find decent clothing, I probably could have solved the problem. But now I was stuck with only these clothes. The other men would be wearing essentially the same thing so I'd probably not stand out too much. At least I hoped not.The Dean's HouseThe night of the ball found the. Angela kept Eddie’s cock in her mouth and was moaning deeply and reaching over to take more of her man’s cock down her throat.She finally came up for air as the pace of Jack’s pounding really started to spread out her pussy.“Oh this is so good, I’m going to cum so hard, keep going, so good…” moaned Angela over and over as Jack’s pace picked up and his balls began slapping against her ass.At the same time Amanda started to cum real hard and was groaning deeply while reaching over and holding one.

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