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I never tried to suppress her desire to experience campus activities, but I stepped in when she went to an end of year frat party with one of the BMOC... and he had her set up to pull a train. One of her classmate’s friends called me about their plans and I went to the frat house just as a drugged or drunk Mary was being led to the stairs.The frat was noticeably upset that the entertainment for the night had a protector. When I told them that if she did not leave with me, the campus police would. After the break, he asked “wanna go again?” to which Riya replied, “Ready when you are, captain!” They started all over again and fucked in mountain position, and then in many different positions and enjoyed for hours.Suddenly the door was knocked on by the hall keeper, indicating the end of their rent time. Riya said, “Let’s take this to my place, I’m not done with you for tonight. It’s in Arambol, won’t take time at all.” They put on their clothes and caught a cab to get place. He was asleep. There was steam coming up from the water as it touched the cool night air. You turned and looked at me and smiled that smile, the one I had been waiting for all night. I watched as you stripped down to your silk boxers and stepped into the hot tub. You turned to watch as I stripped down to my matching blue bra and panties. I took your hand and entered the hot tub. I watched as you took off your silk boxers and laid them over the side..I did the same with my bra and panties. Naked in the hot tub. “I’ll send a search party for you if you’re not back in an hour, no make that two!” Dan kidded.Brad noticed his mom in the kitchen. “I laid a soft blanket on the bed for you. You can have some pizza after you’re done. When Abby gets through with you, not doubt you’ll need to get your strength back!” Karen smiled.“But in your bedroom?”“Didn’t you say to Abby you get only one first time and want it to be perfect? Your bedroom needs to be more presentable for you and her.”“Thank you, Mrs. Hayward..

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