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Just hearing her lovely voice was enough to set Alice thinking about her mothers hot sexy body. Alice took a deep breath, relaxed again, and quickened...her cunt-frigging. Oh mommy she thought to herself, I would love to lick your dripping wet cunt. She often fanaticized of making love to her mother as she stroked her young cunt in bed at night, letting the excitement build up to one huge, excruciating orgasm. Which she chose depended on her mood at the time. Right now, though, she had no. "WHAT THE HELL?!" he screamed, staring at the girl looking back at himin the mirror. She was beautiful. Her big, brown eyes stared back athim with the same fear he was feeling. Her wavy, chestnut hair fell toher shoulders, answering the question of what was tickling his ownshoulders."How is this possible?" Larry wondered, touching the mirror as he staredat his much smaller hand. The perfectly manicured nails clicked on thesurface of the mirror, touching the nails of the girl in. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Most of my eventful life has already been revealed to the majority of readers in Lush. This story is about my change in lifestyle starting from early this year (2012) and climaxing in late June. I would love to share this story with you which contain some real life experiences common to many families today, mainly how some marriages can vaporize in an instant. Prologue I have been a frequent visitor to Lush over the. "Laugh all you want, ladies."This time it was Alex who mimicked my voice in a high pitched baby tone, "Laugh all you want ladies, I'm just gonna pout like the bad little girl I am!"I sighed and kept pulling gear out of the car. It was going to be a long weekend. I loaded up with sleeping bags and suitcases and made my way into the cabin.I started a fire and the girls made dinner. It was dusk when they yelled that dinner was ready. They were all sitting at the table and when I went to sit down,.

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