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I dont know what to do, Dante finally mumbled quietly. John sat quietly, listening to Dantes recollection of all the times with Angel. Shes insanely d...maged, Dante recalled. Shes covered in scars from years upon years of abuse. Internal ones that prevent her from any satisfaction, ones on her skin that are faded but still littering her body. She wont open up, shes jumpy, insanely untrusting, and independent. Shes so mentally damaged that Im not sure I can help her. And she wont open up, so Im. “How about you check and find out,” he said smirking.“Oh trust me, I will,” she replied. She went back to working on her mission. She teasingly licked his left nipple before giving it a small bite. She then worked her way down his chest licking, kissing and nibbling provocatively the whole way. Soon she was at his jeans and eager to get her reward released. She quickly unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, revealing his underwear bulging from his hardening cock. She began tugging hard. . it isn't, Mom. I have to get Brandon anyway." Who?" She narrowed her eyes and I smiled."I wasn't really by myself." Who's Brandon?" My dad looked at me and then at my mom, and then they both looked at my small black Porsche."My boyfriend," I said with a giggle, just teasing them the way I hadn't in years.A few seconds later I opened the passenger door and Brandon practically knocked me down as he scrambled out of the front seat. He hated sitting in the car by himself and ran around the yard. Fir me bola ki simran tumhri figure bahat achhi hai.Me dekh ke khud ko control nahi kar paaya.Toh wo has padiii.Fir boli make a gf.Me bola ki tumhri jaise koi milegi kya ?Toh bolti hai itna kya achha laga mujhme.Toh me bola ki sab kuch achha lagta hai.Aur me kiss symbol bhej diya whats ap me.Fir uska smile symbol aaya toh mujhe toh belive hin nahi hua.Fir wo boli ki monday milne ko toh me puchha kahan milenge.Toh wo boli uske ghar me.Me puchha tumhre husband honge nah, toh boli ki wo office.

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