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I think most of you may know me. In this particular story I am going to explain my sexual encounter with a middle aged lady named Parvathi. I am 22 then and this particular incident happened when I was studying MBA. First let me say something about Parvathi, aged 45. She was a typical south Indian lady with voluptuous body and semi dark skin tone. She must be 5’6 height and 65-70 kg weight. Her body measures are 38DD 34 40 approximately.She has bright black eyes and inviting thick lips.. 5 cm long its curvy hard I rubbed the hairs planted my lips on them rubbing the hairs I put my hand on her wet pussy rubbing firmly.I rubbed pubic hairs with lips and pussy by hand it was really a fantastic pleasure she screamed ooohh Dinesh you are a classic lover then I moved my lips to her glory hole pussy I simply my lips against her wet sticky pussy she simply grabbed my head hard with her hand saying ouhh you it’s very hot Dinesh I can’t say ooohh as she tried to push my head deep inside. ’ In a flurry of activity, Gabrielle pulled from her lovers grasp and started heading towards the base of the lighthouse, a stream of clothes being pulled off her body as she made the awkward walk, her jeans, her t-shirt and her bra and panties, all dropped upon the rocks in the perfect stepping stones for her lover. Her sudden escape from his grasp would have bewildered Travis if she had not begun to remove her clothes. H had known from the beginning Gabrielle had an intense sex drive and now. I...”“What are they paying you?” Donna asked.“Let’s give her a minute, let her get herself under control,” Jason said, relaxing his grip on her hair. “Any Kleenex in this place?”A half-hour later Donna said, “So ... what are they paying you?”“They paid for everything...” Bethany replied. “They set me up in business, the money coming through shell companies. It all started when I was still in college. My family ... things went bad for them, financially. They were friends of Emil Vanson, not in.

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