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"Mom! What have we talked about? You need to knock first! I'm lucky I locked the door!" I'm sorry, Drew. I forgot," she says through the door. "I talk to you downstairs." About what?" asks Drew, somewhat annoyed. He chooses a shirt and begins walking over to his bed."Carol called."Drew freezes and drops his shirt. Why would she call? "What did she say?" he asks. "Mom?" No response came. She must have gone downstairs. Drew's mind begins to race. Does Ms. Crest need something? Does she. "Good morning, you and Shelly hitting it off I hear?" He smiles and nods. As he leaves my office he looks back to see if I am watching. As he passes Shelly he gives her a kiss. I smile. Before I know it Nick is standing at my door waiting for me to be ready for lunch. We walk down the street to the deli. Fall is in full bloom now. The trees are in their red, gold and brown colors. Leaves fall at us as we walk down the street. "Want to go to a college football game Saturday?" Nick asks. "Sure,. He was going to visit me in the park, bringing the moolah, and we were going to hold hands until the nearness of him made me feel faint and I needed to go home and lie down. After which he’d never see me again, the little dink.Now he won’t believe my carefully prepared story about my ailing auntie that needs expensive medicines, and I may have to actually fuck the sucker, if I can find his prick, that is. At least, as it used to be, it wouldn’t have been much of a sacrifice. As my sister, Tina. I went along with and till then I had no intentions of making a move. When we went to the bedroom, she started talking about some pictures we had taken together with earlier. She said her ex-boyfriend also used to take a lot of her pictures. She asked me if I wanted to see them. I didn’t know where it was getting to but I said yes. Then she started showing me pictures of her in various states of undress – some only in bra and panties, some with her tee pulled down and eventually, a nude.

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