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Chris had promised that he’d present her with a folder full of photographs once they’d come back from the local laboratory. ‘When we do a real c...mmercial shoot I’ll use transparency film, but for the test shoot colour neg’s fine and it’s easier, too. I expect I’ll do some black ‘n whites soon as well – those I can process myself, so you’ll see them more quickly after the shoot.’ ‘Process them yourself, huh? What sort of pictures do you shoot in black and white, then?’ Marianne had asked him. We had only been married a few years at the time. I was twenty five and my husband was twenty six.Next door was an older man, he was almost forty. We thought that was pretty old. Anyway he was a confirmed bachelor."What is a confirmed bachelor, grandma?" one of the grandchildren asked.A confirmed bachelor is a man who never wanted to get married."Did he ever get married mother Audrey?" one of her daughter's in law asked.No as of this minute he is still a bachelor and it has been forty years. Oh. It felt nice, just a little too nice.”She seemed happy with that, but she was still thinking hard. “Daddy?”“What, Princess?”She licked her lips. “Can I see it?”“Oh, no-no-no-no-no.” I shook my head. “I don’t think that would be a—”“I won’t tell anyone!” she pleaded. “Please! I just want to see what it’s like.”“See what what’s like?”“You know. Your ... stuff. When it comes out.”Dude, she doesn’t want to see your cock. She wants to watch you blow your load.I swallowed hard. “You want to see where. She prizes her honor, too, in her own way, and the honor of Karhold and House Karstark. She’s also careful to protect her family and what better way than to unite it to that of a rising star such as the Hound. He’s a war hero these days, battling his own fear of fire to defeat the Dead,” Ser Marlon Manderly whispered to Lord Yohn Royce, who just arrived from Winterfell.“Well, I for one, am not too bothered by it. You’re from a transplanted southern house that came up North and it worked out.

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