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He visited her every 2 weeks and we both enjoyed our parts, her getting fucked and me getting the leftovers along with another go using someone else's...cum for the most delicous lube known to man! One week he called and said that he had to be out of town to a medical meeting during the time they would normally be having a "session." She was a little let down by that, but there was cause for optimism as the doctor had a close friend who was being somewhat deprived at home and obviously they had. "We're going to go to a business dinner party soon sweetie, so I want you to find something you like that will go with a black tuxedo." You're going to wear a tuxedo?" she queried with surprise."Yeah, it's kind of formal, though a suit would be ok. I enjoy dressing up like that, and now that I have a beautiful woman to accompany me it makes me want to dress up even more." I was smiling lovingly at her letting her know that I loved it when we were together. I was honored to have her as my date.I. I hung up, opened the desk drawer, took out my pipe, tobacco, and a box of matches, and went out to the back yard to smoke.“I have the days off,” Jessica said when she came outside a few minutes later.“Good,” I said, puffing on the pipe that now had a new meaning.“That’s the pipe she gave you?” Jessica asked.I nodded, “It is.”“I’ll take care of dinner tonight. Do you still want to go to the movies?”I sighed, “If I put my life on hold, Stephie would be angry with me. It sure didn’t help when. A mixture of the sight of her nakedness and that I was standing naked infront of the open patio doors so I could be seen by anyone in the opposite hotel made me really horny. I took long quick strokes of my cock, drinking in the sight of her sweet smooth cunt and I quickly worked myself up to the edge and stopped wanking for a moment.I let go of my cock and as gently as I could I so I wouldn’t wake either my brother or the blonde, I bent over her my hands resting on the mattress and I took in.

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