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.. I ... Your arm is getting wet. Take those things off and come in. I’m sorry. Why forgive me so easily?”“Because I watched you fishing female ...anitary products and turds out of the girls’ toilets. You have a good streak mixed with that male ignorant bastard streak. Ohh, yes, that’s quite pleasant” He was directing the shower at her shaved groin.“How come you shave?”“Because I like it like that. NOT because some boy said do it, if that’s what you mean.” She was about to mouth off some more, so. My wife seemed like a totally different person but I wasn't complaining! She perched herself on the edge of the kitchen table opening her legs and touching herself. I knelt between her legs mouthing and biting her pussy (again through her panties). She was so wet that her juices had soaked them, so I pulled them down with some force. Then my tongue got to work, lapping, shallow at first and then deeper and deeper as each moan got louder. Then to my total surprise my wife flipped herself over. My friend had a wonderful rose garden in her back yard. She had gotten stonewalls surrounding the garden and a few Victorian benches to lounge in. She even had a stone fountain in the middle of the garden. It was a gift from her husband a short while after they had married. She had told me a fantasy of hers about making love surrounded by flowers and maybe that’s what brought her husbands gift. I excused myself and slipped out the back door. It was a beautiful night. The stars were out and. His excitement was palpable as he was told many times to keep up with the rest of the class. When they came to the Greek Mythology exhibit he was lost in his own little world, eventually being left behind. What intrigued him the most was a new sculpture of the Goddess Pietho the Goddess of persuasion and charmed tongue. He was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, unable to break away from its beauty. Completely unaware of his actions he leaned over the security rope and kissed the sculpture on.

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