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Sara and I had met after I dropped out of college. We had worked together briefly at an attorney’s office. Well, we both worked there and knew each ...ther in passing. Nothing ever happened between us back then.I quit that job and went to tech school. I learned that Sara had quit to get her real estate license when we accidentally ran into each other a couple of years later (when I was house hunting). I was surprised to see her sitting at a desk behind the counter and asked for her to be my. Quickly I do it again. "My my." I whisper. Eventually the rythem gets steadier. My breath gets faster. I can tell I'm getting close and slow down. Turning over, I reach under my bed and grab around for my lucky purple vibrator. I turn it on and reach back, tracing it up and down my ass crack. When I get close to my pussy hole, I gasp again. Let's do this. I turn back over onto my back and send the vibrator to my clit. "MMM." My breathing is faster and more jagged. Slowly I push the vibrator. Shopkeeper: Don’t worry, Ma’am. It’s just part of the demonstration. It’s all for your pleasure.Savita: Oh, well, I guess it’s ok then.Savita opened her legs. This time she didn’t flinch as the shopkeeper eased the toy onto her throbbing crotch. Savita gasped as the vibration made her drip in her panties. Her chest rose and fell steadily as the shopkeeper pushed the dildo harder.Savita: Oh wow! I wonder-Shopkeeper: Wondering how it feels inside you?Savita: I don’t know if I should-Savita. She was moaning sweetly and slowly fell back on the bed. For the first time , I licked her boobs and I fell over her squeezing her boobs , pressing her thighs . I slowly moved towards her lips and licked them with m tongue. she slowly opened her mouth and I locked her mouth by placing my tongue completely into her mouth and kissed her hardly that she struggled to breath . Now, I dared to place my hand into her panties but she took of my hand.i tried many times but, same thing repeated..

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Desi nude show

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